• When to Take Your Child to an Urgent Care Clinic

    An urgent care clinic is an excellent alternative to the ER in cases of injuries or illnesses that are not life-threatening. Children are prone to bumps and bruises, and most of these minor injuries can be treated with first aid at home. However, if the injury is on a sensitive area such as the face or genitals, if the bleeding doesn’t stop, or if the wound may be infected, it’s best to take the child to the walk-in clinic. You can even bring your child to an urgent care center instead of an ER if you suspect he or she has a simple bone fracture. Urgent care doctors can treat simple fractures that do not require surgery by immobilizing the body part.

    Another reason to take your child to an urgent care clinic is if he or she has persistent nausea and vomiting, and cannot keep fluids down. Dehydration is a serious problem that requires medical attention. Urgent care doctors can also diagnose and treat children who suffer from asthma symptoms, allergic reactions and rashes, runny nose, cough, and sore throat, among many other ailments.

    If your little one isn’t feeling well, the caring staff members of Paramount Urgent Care are here to help. Call our walk-in clinic in Orlando, The Villages, Clermont, or Oviedo at (407) 226-1906.

  • What to Expect During a Physical

    If you’re transferring to a new school, joining a sports team, or interviewing for a job, you may be asked to have a physical at a walk-in clinic. However, there are also plenty of good reasons to schedule a physical exam annually, regardless of whether or not you think you need to. These appointments are opportunities to detect health problems as early as possible, to ask questions about any health concerns you may have, and to learn about tests that may be appropriate for you. The exact way in which physical exams proceed can differ slightly from clinic to clinic.

    Vital Signs

    When you arrive at the walk-in clinic, you can expect a provider to check your vital signs, such as your blood pressure and heart rate. An ideal blood pressure is less than 120 over 80 and an ideal heart rate is generally between 60 and 100. The provider will also check your temperature and respiration rate.

    Medical History

    Every time you see a doctor, you’ll be asked to update your medical history. This includes informing the provider about any new medications you’re taking or any medical conditions you’ve been diagnosed with. You should also update your family medical history if it has changed. For example, you may have recently discovered that your mother and sister have thyroid issues, or that your father was diagnosed with cancer. Your family medical history may influence which health screenings the provider may recommend for you.

    Heart and Lung Check

    You can expect the doctor to listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. He or she checks for abnormalities such as an irregular heartbeat or wheezing.

    Paramount Urgent Care is your source for prompt, high-quality family medicine services and emergency care near Orlando. We offer affordable physicals for work, school, camp, and sports, along with many free healthcare services such as blood sugar screenings. To find a location near you, visit our website or call (407) 226-1906.

  • Answering Common Questions About Urgent Care Facilities

    Urgent care facilities play an important role in communities. They bridge the gap between emergency room services and primary physician appointments. If you’ve never been to an urgent care facility before, you may have some questions about their range of services and payment options. Since each urgent care facility is different, it’s best to check its website or call for center-specific information.

    Are Diagnostic Tests Available?

    Although urgent care facilities do not typically offer the full line of services available in a large hospital, many of them do offer certain on-site diagnostic services. In addition to physical exams, an urgent care provider may be able to take X-rays, run blood tests, run urine tests, and analyze throat swabs.

    Can Patients Undergo Health Screenings?

    This depends upon the specific facility; however, some urgent care facilities do offer preventive health screenings. These might include blood pressure checks, blood sugar screenings, cholesterol tests, and even vision screenings. You’re also likely to find that your local urgent care facility offers physicals for school, sports, and work.

    Which Conditions Aren’t Treatable at Urgent Care Facilities?

    Urgent care facilities can diagnose and treat practically any injury or illness that isn’t life-threatening and doesn’t require surgery. This means you could go to an urgent care center for a simple fracture, but you should go to an ER if you have visible bone protruding through the skin. Additionally, you should go to an ER if you experience possible signs of a heart attack or stroke.

    What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

    Urgent care clinics tend to be much more affordable than emergency rooms. The clinic will almost certainly accept your insurance plan and you’re likely to find that the co-pay is much lower than you’d pay at an ER. If you don’t have insurance, you might be charged on a sliding scale or given an uninsured discount.

    The healthcare providers of Paramount Urgent Care are dedicated to providing unparalleled medical services with respect and compassion for our patients. Our walk-in clinic in Orlando offers more services than you might expect from a typical urgent care center, including family medicine, corporate medicine, STD testing, and many more. If you need to reach us, you can call (407) 226-1906; however, appointments are not necessary.

  • Why Visit Paramount Urgent Care?

    At Paramount Urgent Care, a walk-in clinic with 4 locations throughout Central Florida, it’s our mission to provide patients with the resources they need to make informed decisions for their well-being. Our healthcare providers can perform a wide range of medical services. We provide emergency care for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, and we provide family medicine services for patients, including those with certain chronic conditions.

    You can learn more about visiting Paramount Urgent Care by watching this introductory video. You’ll see our comfortable facilities and you’ll catch a glimpse of our urgent care doctors working with patients of all ages. You’ll also learn about the capabilities of our facilities, including our on-site X-ray equipment and laboratory.

    From sprains and strains to simple fractures and burns, we provide compassionate medical services in a tranquil environment. No appointment is necessary at our urgent care locations; however, you can reach Paramount Urgent Care at (407) 226-1906.