• How Do Flu Shots Work?

    It’s particularly important for children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system to receive a flu shot at a walk-in clinic or medical office each year. Without a flu shot, many individuals may be at risk for serious health complications and even death.

    Watch this video for information about how flu vaccines work. Flu vaccines work by exposing your body to a small amount of the flu virus, thus allowing your body to build up antibodies and immunity to common strains of influenza.

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  • The Importance of Regular Physical Exams

    Regardless of your age, it’s important that you get regular physical exams at a walk-in clinic or family medicine center near you. Routine physicals will give your doctor the opportunity to spot early warning signs of medical conditions that may require immediate care. Here is a look at just some of the reasons why regular physical exams are so important.

    Establish a Baseline

    If you are relatively healthy, a physical exam will allow the doctor at your walk-in clinic to establish a baseline for your health. Your doctor will have a good idea of what your normal blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and cholesterol levels are. This makes it easier for your doctor to quickly identify serious medical conditions if these levels change dramatically from one physical exam to the next.

    Prevent Future Health Problems

    Your doctor’s primary goal is to use physical exams to prevent future health problems, rather than diagnose and treat existing ones. Regular physical exams can help you identify potential health risks and alter your lifestyle accordingly. If necessary, your doctor can recommend treatments that will reduce your weight, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, or reduce your risk of heart disease. He can also check for early warning signs of diabetes, obesity, skin cancer, and other health issues.

    Identify Health Problems Early

    The more often you visit your doctor for routine physicals, the more he will get to know you, your health, and your habits. This will make it easier for him to identify the early warning signs of health problems. Because not all health problems are preventable, it’s important that your doctor has the opportunity to check for early signs of disease and illness.

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  • Get the Facts on Sprains and Strains

    Sprains and strains are two of the most common injuries treated at urgent care centers and walk-in clinics. They can be caused by many different things, and can often be prevented by taking special care when performing certain physical activities. Here are some basic facts on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of sprains and strains.

    Causes of Sprains and Strains

    A sprain can be caused by any action that results in a twisting or pulling motion in a joint. When a joint is pulled out of its normal position, the ligaments around the joint may stretch and tear. Strains are caused by a twisted or pulled muscle or tendon. They can develop suddenly, or over the course of days or weeks. A sudden strain can result from a recent injury, lifting heavy objects the wrong way, or overstressing the muscles.

    Common Symptoms of Sprains and Strains

    The most common symptoms of a sprain are pain, swelling, tenderness, and an inability to use the injured joint. A strained muscle or tendon can cause pain, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, inflammation, cramping, and difficulty moving the affected area. Both injuries can range from mild to severe, and symptoms may be heightened or lessened depending upon the severity of the injury.

    How Sprains and Strains Are Typically Treated

    The treatment of sprains and strains depends upon the severity of the injury. A doctor at an urgent care center or emergency care center may first recommend that you rest the affected area, apply ice, elevate the affected limb, and take anti-inflammatory pain medication. If the sprain or strain is severe or is not remedied by at-home care, you may require surgery.

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