• What Happens to the Body During an Asthma Attack?

    Asthma in Orlando is a serious medical condition that sends countless patients to urgent care clinics each year. Watch this video to learn what happens to your body when you have an asthma attack.

    Asthma attacks can be life-threatening conditions that require emergency care. Fortunately, an urgent care center can provide the medical care you need to breathe easily and comfortably again. When you have an asthma attack, your airways have become irritated and inflamed, which is why you need an inhaler to soothe them.

    If you believe you are having an asthma attack, go immediately to one of Paramount Urgent Care’s four locations or call (407) 226-1906. We have urgent care clinics in Orlando, Clermont, Oviedo and Lady Lake.

  • When Should I Visit Urgent Care? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Urgent care clinics can fill the gap between your primary care provider and the emergency room, giving you fast care when you need it without the delay of waiting for an appointment time with your doctor. With urgent care, treatment is available when your doctor’s office is closed, and you can get faster, more affordable medical attention than in an emergency room for non-life threatening medical needs, such as a sore throat, burns, and bone fractures. You can learn more about the advantages of urgent care medical services in this Infographic from Paramount Urgent Care. In addition to urgent care, we provide basic preventative medical services, including confidential STD testing, blood pressure screenings, sports physicals, and DOT physicals near Orlando. Please visit one of our locations when you or your family needs medical attention, and help other families understand how urgent care can help them by sharing this information.

  • Should You Consider STD Testing?

    A walk-in clinic in Orlando generally offers same-day STD testing. The only way to completely protect against sexually transmitted diseases is by using condoms during intercourse. However, because some STDs do not show symptoms, many people never realize they have an STD. A walk-in clinic therefore suggests that all sexually active teens and adults are tested at least once each year or before changing sexual partners. Read on to learn why you should consider STD testing for chlamydia, HPV, and HIV.

    Chlamydia Testing

    An urgent care center recommends chlamydia testing at least once per year if you are a sexually active woman under age 25 or are over 25 but at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. You are at a higher risk for chlamydia if you are having sex with multiple partners or with a new partner. Chlamydia testing is usually done through a urine test.

    HPV Testing

    Young girls should be tested for HPV, or human papillomavirus, early on. Some strains of HPV can cause cervical cancer, while others cause genital warts. Health care providers advise testing for HPV as soon as possible because it is the most common STD —and because it can now be prevented with a painless vaccine. To prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV, it is important to get the vaccine while you are young.

    HIV Testing

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that all men and women between 15 and 65 are tested for HIV at least once. HIV testing must be specifically requested, as it is not performed as part of routine STD testing. If you engage in risky sexual practices or have multiple partners, the CDC suggests HIV testing annually.

    If you want to learn more about STD testing or schedule an appointment to be tested, contact Paramount Urgent Care by calling (407) 226-1906. We offer STD testing and HIV testing at our four locations in Orlando, Clermont, Oviedo and Lady Lake. Our tests and labs are completed as quickly as possible, so you can resume your normal daily activities.