• Controlling Asthma Symptoms During the Summer

    While asthma sufferers need to manage their condition year-round, summer can be a particularly problematic season for these individuals. To help prevent the need for emergency care this summer, use the following tips to control your asthma symptoms:

    Stay Cool

    High temperatures combined with humidity can make it more challenging to breathe properly. Because of this, heat-stress could potentially affect your airways and trigger your asthma symptoms or an attack. If you live in a location that gets into triple-digit temperatures or is very humid during the summer, take care when going outside and avoid inhaling extremely hot air when possible by staying indoors during the hottest hours of the day.

    Manage Allergies

    If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then this season has the potential to cause you asthma issues by triggering your allergic reactions. For individuals who know that they have allergies, managing their symptoms can make the summer more bearable. If you suspect that you have seasonal allergies, visit your doctor and ask about allergy testing and management.

    Swim Cautiously

    Swimming is among the recommended exercises for people with asthma, and it has the added benefit of helping you stay cool in the summer heat. However, the chemicals that are often added to pools can trigger asthmatic symptoms in some individuals. If you find that being in swimming pools triggers your asthma, consider trying a different activity.

    Mind Air Quality

    Keeping an eye on the local air quality by watching the news or downloading air quality apps can help you manage your asthma. On days when the air quality is low, and the temperature will get high, try to schedule your day so that you can take care of your errands before it gets too hot. This will help you stay indoors later when the outdoor air might be more likely to trigger your symptoms.

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  • Recognizing a Poison Ivy Rash

    Poison ivy can be an unwelcome reminder of a day spent hiking or playing outdoors. The resulting rash may clear up on its own, but some people benefit from getting medical care for an outbreak, particularly if they have severe symptoms. Could poison ivy be to blame for your rash? Here are the signs you need to know.

    Poison ivy causes a red rash that is usually extremely itchy. It often appears like it has lines through it and may also blister or swell. It may appear to spread, but this is simply a delayed reaction on some parts of your skin. Contrary to popular belief, it is not contagious and you cannot infect other parts of your body. If you have a poison ivy rash and it has oozing blisters, significant swelling, or is on your eyes or genitals, get medical care to get it under control.

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