• Signs of Dehydration

    During the summer months, urgent care physicians often see a higher number of patients suffering from dehydration, a condition that occurs when the body loses more fluids than it gets. When your body lacks sufficient fluids, it can struggle to function properly, and severe dehydration can even lead to death. There are several signs to watch for that can indicate you may be dehydrated:

    • Greater thirst
    • Swollen tongue
    • Dry mouth
    • Confusion
    • Weakness
    • Dizziness
    • Fainting
    • Lack of sweating
    • Decreased urination or dark yellow urine
    • Heart palpitations

    If you think that you may be dehydrated, drink small amounts of water or electrolyte-containing beverages, and take measures to cool off if necessary. In some cases, however, you may need medical treatment. Call your doctor if you faint, have a seizure, struggle to breathe, are sluggish, are confused, have ongoing vomiting or diarrhea, or have a high fever.

    Paramount Urgent Care provides compassionate treatment for many health issues and offers you a quicker and more affordable alternative to an emergency room. If you need medical care for dehydration, then contact one of our walk-in clinics in Orlando at (407) 226-1906. We have 4 convenient locations in Clermont, Oviedo, Lady Lake, and Orlando.

  • Keeping Your Kids Safe at the Beach This Summer

    During your summer holiday, one of the last places you want to be is at an emergency care center because of an accident. Go over the following rules with your children to help keep them safe while spending time at the beach:

    Know Your Limits

    When heading to the ocean, one of the most important things for your children to know is how well they can swim. To help stay safe, they should remain close to shore and wear swimming safety equipment as needed. Also, keep in mind that if your kids haven’t been to the ocean before, that it is a significantly different experience compared to a pool or a lake.

    Choose Safe Waters

    Even for experienced swimmers, unfamiliar waters can present challenges or dangers. If you notice that an area of water seems appealing but lacks any swimmers, then there may be a reason for it. Find out about any local spots that are not ideal for swimmers, and stick to locations where others are swimming safely.

    Know About Riptides

    Also referred to as undertows, riptides are the channels of water that flow from the shore back out to the ocean. Teach your kids how to recognize these potential dangers and instruct them not to go near piers and jetties, as undertows frequently develop around these structures. Additionally, ensure that your kids know how to get out of a riptide by swimming parallel to the shore, rather than toward it.

    Have Constant Supervision

    Just like with your pool at home, your children should never be in the ocean without adult supervision. Be sure that they know to always have a guardian with them while swimming. Also, do not leave your children unattended for even a short time, and assign a specific person to watch them if you need to step away.

    At Paramount Urgent Care, we provide a broad range of health services to help keep you and your family safe year-round. To learn about our locations for pediatrics and emergency care in Orlando, Clermont, Lady Lake, and Oviedo, please contact us today at (407) 226-1906.

  • Summertime Food Safety Tips

    When in the comfort of your home or backyard, it can be easy to forget about the importance of handling food safely. Many families do not practice proper food safety, a problem which makes them more vulnerable to food poisoning and more likely to need urgent care. Watch this video for some tips on staying safe with your food this summer.

    Sicknesses caused by food-borne illnesses are often treated at walk-in clinics during the summertime. To help avoid getting sick this season, use separate cutting boards for raw meat and produce, keep your cold foods below 40ºF, and cook all meats to the proper temperatures before serving.

    At Paramount Urgent Care, we offer quick and knowledgeable treatment in a comfortable environment. If you need medical care in Orlando, call us today at (407) 226-1906 to learn about our services and other locations in Clermont, Oviedo, and Lady Lake.