• The Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

    Physical exams and health screenings are cornerstones of preventive medicine, but many people neglect to get them. Increasingly, employers are implementing workplace wellness programs with the help of walk-in clinics that offer corporate medicine services. These programs offer significant benefits for employees and the entire company, as you can see when you watch this video.

    It features a case study of a large corporation that boasts a high rate of employee participation in their wellness program. The company has found that employees call in sick less often, a significant percentage of smokers have quit, and many people have reached a healthier weight. Plus, the wellness program is credited with building strong employee morale.

    If you have concerns about wellness management for your employees, call Paramount Urgent Care at (407) 226-1906. Our walk-in clinics in Orlando, Oviedo, Lady Lake and Clermont offer a broad spectrum of corporate medicine services, including wellness management, health screenings, and smoking cessation counseling.

  • What to Expect from a DOT Physical

    Under Florida law, all commercial drivers with a CDL license must undergo a DOT physical exam to obtain a valid DOT medical card. There are a few exceptions, depending on the category of license. In most cases, DOT physicals are only needed every 2 years. In some cases, the doctor may issue a certificate that is valid for less than 2 years if the driver requires monitoring for a medical condition, such as hypertension.

    Medical History

    The review of your medical history will comprise a significant portion of your DOT physical. This is because there are strict regulations regarding chronic health conditions among commercial drivers. Every driver should be aware that failing to answer these questions truthfully could result in legal consequences in the future. The medical examiner will need to know whether you have any underlying medical conditions, including the following:

    • Seizure disorders
    • Brain injuries
    • Heart disease
    • Kidney disease
    • Psychiatric disorders
    • Dizziness or fainting
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Chronic pain
    • Loss of hearing
    • Visual impairment
    • Paralysis
    • Missing limbs
    • Stroke
    • Digestive disorders

    You’ll also be required to provide a complete, up-to-date list of all medications you’re currently taking.

    Physical Exam

    Next, the healthcare provider will perform a thorough physical exam. He or she will evaluate your general appearance, which can provide clues to problematic health conditions like alcoholism. The provider will check for spinal deformities, and unusual sounds of the heart and lungs. You’ll have your ears, eyes, throat, and mouth examined. The doctor will likely palpate your abdomen to check whether anything feels abnormal.

    Health Screenings

    DOT physicals include several health screenings. Screenings are exams performed to check for signs of possible health conditions, even if the patient hasn’t experienced symptoms. Your physical is likely to include the following health screenings:

    • Vision test
    • Hearing test
    • Hernia check
    • Neurological exam
    • Blood pressure and pulse check
    • Blood glucose measurement
    • Drug and alcohol testing

    Paramount Urgent Care is a leading provider of DOT physicals in Orlando, Oviedo, Lady Lake and Clermont. We also provide other corporate medicine services, including wellness management, drug and alcohol testing, and smoking cessation counseling. If you have any questions, you can call our walk-in clinic at (407) 226-1906.

  • What Is Fifth Disease?

    Fifth disease, or erythema infectiosum, is a contagious viral infection caused by the parvovirus B19. It earned the moniker “fifth disease” simply because it was listed fifth on a compilation of common skin rashes. Fifth disease most often affects children, but may sometimes infect adults. Most patients experience mild symptoms, but some may need to visit an urgent care clinic.

    The onset of symptoms occurs within two weeks of the infection. Initially, children develop a fever, headache, and a runny nose. After a few days, they typically develop a red rash on the face, often known as the “slapped cheek” rash. The rash can be itchy and it may extend to other areas of the body. To rule out a more serious cause of this skin rash, it’s advisable to take patients to a walk-in clinic for an evaluation. Additionally, in people with compromised immune systems, serious health complications may result from fifth disease.

    If your child develops a fever and needs urgent care, your family can count on Paramount Urgent Care. No medical appointment is needed, but you can call (407) 226-1906 for information about our walk-in clinics in Orlando, Oviedo, Lady Lake, and Clermont.