• What Kind of Force Will Cause a Broken Bone?

    It can take a lot of force to cause a complex or simple fracture. Of course, some bones are more easily broken than others. Urgent care doctors most often treat fractures of the collarbone, arm, wrist, ankle, and toe compared to larger, stronger bones like the thighbone (femur).

    When you watch this featured video, you’ll learn that it usually takes an 899 pound-force to break a femur, compared to a 742 pound-force to crack a rib. You’ll also hear about the other factors that determine how easily a bone can be broken, such as the person’s intake of dietary calcium, the way in which the force was applied, and the amount of exercise the person normally gets.

    Simple fractures are one of the many reasons why patients come to Paramount Urgent Care—a walk-in clinic in Orlando. For more information, please visit www.paramounturgentcare.com.