• Things You Should Never Do for a Burn Injury

    Minor burns can usually be treated at home, but moderately severe burns require a trip to an urgent care center. In the meantime, what you don’t do can be just as important as what you do. For instance, if the burn is an open wound, do not run water over it, as this introduces bacteria to the wound. If the skin is still intact, you can use cool water, but never use ice water or ice. Temperatures that are too cold can damage the tissue even more.

    There is a widespread belief that people should apply butter to a burn. But in fact, this can contribute to infections. Plus, the urgent care doctor will have to remove the grease before treating the wound. Sometimes, a small blister forms over a burn injury. Never try to pop the blister, as this increases the risk of infections. Instead, protect the area with a bandage or as directed by your doctor.

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