• What Is Fifth Disease?

    Fifth disease, or erythema infectiosum, is a contagious viral infection caused by the parvovirus B19. It earned the moniker “fifth disease” simply because it was listed fifth on a compilation of common skin rashes. Fifth disease most often affects children, but may sometimes infect adults. Most patients experience mild symptoms, but some may need to visit an urgent care clinic.

    The onset of symptoms occurs within two weeks of the infection. Initially, children develop a fever, headache, and a runny nose. After a few days, they typically develop a red rash on the face, often known as the “slapped cheek” rash. The rash can be itchy and it may extend to other areas of the body. To rule out a more serious cause of this skin rash, it’s advisable to take patients to a walk-in clinic for an evaluation. Additionally, in people with compromised immune systems, serious health complications may result from fifth disease.

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