• Understanding Migraines

    You might have heard it said that migraines aren’t just another type of headache. But what exactly are they? When you watch the accompanying video, you’ll learn why some migraines are severe enough that patients need to seek urgent care.

    This science expert explains that migraines are a multi-system disorder of the central nervous system. The symptoms of migraines can last for several days. In addition to a severe headache, patients may experience aura, which is characterized by visual disturbances, double vision, and slurred speech. You’ll also learn about the risk factors of migraines and how they’re treated.

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  • Examining Common Migraine Triggers

    Most headaches only cause localized discomfort, such as throbbing or dull pain in the head. Migraines are different, and they can be severe enough to require urgent care. In addition to headache pain, migraines can cause disabling nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, and sensitivity to light and sound. If you experience disabling migraines on a regular basis, you should work with a migraine specialist to develop a control plan. But for acute pain relief, you can count on a doctor at a walk-in clinic.

    Changes in Weather

    A trigger is anything that causes your symptoms to develop. There are lots of potential migraine triggers, including changes in the weather. Some people who get migraines are sensitive to changes in barometric pressure.

    Types of Food

    Your doctor may ask you to keep a food journal for a few weeks to determine if specific foods seem to trigger your migraine symptoms. Some patients develop migraines after consuming these foods and food additives:

    • Aged cheeses

    • Alcohol

    • Caffeinated beverages

    • Aspartame

    • MSG

    • Salty foods

    • Processed foods

    Additionally, skipping meals can trigger migraines for some patients.

    Changes in Hormones

    According to the American Migraine Foundation, there are three times as many women as men who are affected by migraines. Of those women, up to 75% of them report having migraine attacks during or close to menstruation. Some women develop migraines during pregnancy or menopause. If you only get migraines during your period, and don’t experience them at any other time, then it’s possible that hormonal birth control medicine can help reduce your migraine attacks.

    Episodes of Severe Stress

    Stress is another common migraine trigger. Although it’s common to suffer from severe and chronic stress, it’s also something that can be managed. Consider trying the following methods of managing your stress:

    • Mindfulness

    • Guided meditation

    • Biofeedback

    • Exercise

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