• Which Tests May Be Part of an Annual Physical?

    Routine physicals are important for your health. Even when you feel healthy and well, having a physical is essential for identifying early signs of potentially serious conditions and ensuring that your health is on track for the future. What happens during your physical will depend on your age, gender, personal health history, and family history, but there are some basic types of tests you can almost always expect.  

    Visual and Physical Exams 

    During a physical, your doctor will look for visual abnormalities by examining the head, chest, and abdomen as well as by observing how you move and speak. The doctor or nurse may also check vital signs, and the doctor may feel for abnormalities in certain parts of the body, such as the abdomen. Women can also expect to have a pelvic exam, which may include a pap smear, while men can expect to have a testicular exam and prostate cancer screening during routine physicals.  

    It’s also likely that you will spend some time talking to your doctor about any new or existing health concerns and recommended preventive screenings. Effectively communicating with your primary physician about your health is one way to ensure the highest quality of care.  

    Laboratory Tests  

    A lab visit is often scheduled after a physical to take a complete blood count and screen for high cholesterol, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and hormonal abnormalities. Laboratory testing may also include STD screening, which may be performed via blood test, urine test, or both, depending on your specific risk factors. If abnormalities do show up in your lab work, you may need to schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor. Otherwise, your results will be discussed over the phone or delivered by mail.  

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  • Why Do Kids Need Physical Exams?

    It’s recommended that all kids who are age 2 or older receive a physical examination at least once a year. At a physical exam, a physician will monitor your child’s physical development, check their heart rate and other vital signs, and check their vision and their hearing. Your child can also be checked for early symptoms of health problems such as scoliosis. To learn more about why regular physical exams are so important for your child, watch the full video.

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  • Back to School Physicals for Kids

    If your child is starting school this fall, then you may have questions regarding whether she needs a physical and why. Watch this video to learn about the importance of back to school physical exams for kids.

    Particularly for children who will be attending school for the first time, physical exams are important for ensuring that their sensory organs are functioning properly. After all, to do well in school, children need to be able to see the blackboard and hear their teacher. Finally, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children receive annual physicals to monitor their growth, development, and any medical conditions they may have.

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  • What Happens During a Physical Exam?

    Getting an annual physical exam is always a smart idea. Physical exams allow your doctor to evaluate how your health changes over time. They are also excellent opportunities for you to discuss any concerns you have or unusual symptoms you’ve noticed. A comprehensive physical exam takes a look at many areas of your wellness, including your vital signs, bodily systems, and health history.

    Health History

    Once you’ve been shown into the exam room, you’ll be asked some questions about your family and personal medical history. Discuss any changes that may have occurred since your last exam, such as whether you started taking a new medication, or whether a family member was recently diagnosed with cancer or diabetes. Ladies can expect to answer questions about their reproductive history, such as whether they’ve ever been pregnant or had a miscarriage. Be sure to mention any unusual changes you’ve noticed with your wellness.

    Vital Signs

    You’ll have your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and respiration rate checked. The doctor will also assess your body mass index (BMI) and consider whether your vital signs have changed over time.

    General Exam

    Your doctor will perform a thorough physical exam that includes listening to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. This exam can give your doctor important clues as to whether you might have lung disease or a heart murmur. You’ll be asked to open your mouth and say “ah,” which lets your doctor see your tonsils. Your doctor will check your ears, nose, lymph nodes, carotid arteries, and thyroid for signs of abnormalities. Your doctor might also palpate your abdomen to check for tenderness or organ enlargement.

    Male Exam

    Doctors typically perform additional exams on men, including testicular, penile, and prostate exams. The hernia exam is well-known for the directive to “turn your head and cough.” This exam checks for abdominal wall weaknesses.

    Female Exam

    Ladies can expect to have female-specific exams, including the breast exam. The doctor palpates the breasts to check for lumps, evaluates the lymph nodes in the area, and checks for visually evident abnormalities like skin changes or nipple inversion. A pelvic exam is standard for women, and ladies might also have a Pap test and HPV test.

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  • The Importance of Regular Physical Exams

    Regardless of your age, it’s important that you get regular physical exams at a walk-in clinic or family medicine center near you. Routine physicals will give your doctor the opportunity to spot early warning signs of medical conditions that may require immediate care. Here is a look at just some of the reasons why regular physical exams are so important.

    Establish a Baseline

    If you are relatively healthy, a physical exam will allow the doctor at your walk-in clinic to establish a baseline for your health. Your doctor will have a good idea of what your normal blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and cholesterol levels are. This makes it easier for your doctor to quickly identify serious medical conditions if these levels change dramatically from one physical exam to the next.

    Prevent Future Health Problems

    Your doctor’s primary goal is to use physical exams to prevent future health problems, rather than diagnose and treat existing ones. Regular physical exams can help you identify potential health risks and alter your lifestyle accordingly. If necessary, your doctor can recommend treatments that will reduce your weight, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, or reduce your risk of heart disease. He can also check for early warning signs of diabetes, obesity, skin cancer, and other health issues.

    Identify Health Problems Early

    The more often you visit your doctor for routine physicals, the more he will get to know you, your health, and your habits. This will make it easier for him to identify the early warning signs of health problems. Because not all health problems are preventable, it’s important that your doctor has the opportunity to check for early signs of disease and illness.

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