• Which Tests May Be Part of an Annual Physical?

    Routine physicals are important for your health. Even when you feel healthy and well, having a physical is essential for identifying early signs of potentially serious conditions and ensuring that your health is on track for the future. What happens during your physical will depend on your age, gender, personal health history, and family history, but there are some basic types of tests you can almost always expect.  

    Visual and Physical Exams 

    During a physical, your doctor will look for visual abnormalities by examining the head, chest, and abdomen as well as by observing how you move and speak. The doctor or nurse may also check vital signs, and the doctor may feel for abnormalities in certain parts of the body, such as the abdomen. Women can also expect to have a pelvic exam, which may include a pap smear, while men can expect to have a testicular exam and prostate cancer screening during routine physicals.  

    It’s also likely that you will spend some time talking to your doctor about any new or existing health concerns and recommended preventive screenings. Effectively communicating with your primary physician about your health is one way to ensure the highest quality of care.  

    Laboratory Tests  

    A lab visit is often scheduled after a physical to take a complete blood count and screen for high cholesterol, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and hormonal abnormalities. Laboratory testing may also include STD screening, which may be performed via blood test, urine test, or both, depending on your specific risk factors. If abnormalities do show up in your lab work, you may need to schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor. Otherwise, your results will be discussed over the phone or delivered by mail.  

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  • What to Expect During a Physical

    If you’re transferring to a new school, joining a sports team, or interviewing for a job, you may be asked to have a physical at a walk-in clinic. However, there are also plenty of good reasons to schedule a physical exam annually, regardless of whether or not you think you need to. These appointments are opportunities to detect health problems as early as possible, to ask questions about any health concerns you may have, and to learn about tests that may be appropriate for you. The exact way in which physical exams proceed can differ slightly from clinic to clinic.

    Vital Signs

    When you arrive at the walk-in clinic, you can expect a provider to check your vital signs, such as your blood pressure and heart rate. An ideal blood pressure is less than 120 over 80 and an ideal heart rate is generally between 60 and 100. The provider will also check your temperature and respiration rate.

    Medical History

    Every time you see a doctor, you’ll be asked to update your medical history. This includes informing the provider about any new medications you’re taking or any medical conditions you’ve been diagnosed with. You should also update your family medical history if it has changed. For example, you may have recently discovered that your mother and sister have thyroid issues, or that your father was diagnosed with cancer. Your family medical history may influence which health screenings the provider may recommend for you.

    Heart and Lung Check

    You can expect the doctor to listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. He or she checks for abnormalities such as an irregular heartbeat or wheezing.

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