• What Parents Should Know About Sports Physicals

    Is your child interested in playing a sport this season? If so, then she may need to receive a sports physical exam before she can participate. Luckily, heading to an urgent care center with your kid provides you with a quick and easy way to get this done. Read on to learn more about sports physical exams.

    Sports physicals help keep children safe.

    Many parents wonder why their child requires a physical to play a sport. The primary purpose of sports physicals is to ensure that a child is in good physical condition before participating in a physical activity. While having a sports physical completed doesn’t protect your child from injuries on the field or court, this step can reveal any preexisting conditions like scoliosis, asthma, or allergies that may make it dangerous for her to participate.

    Parents can prepare for their child’s sports physical.

    Part of the process of evaluating your child’s health is evaluating her and her family’s medical history. When you bring your kid in for her physical exam, come prepared with any information about past injuries, illnesses, or conditions that she has suffered or is currently dealing with, as these may require further attention. Also, be prepared to talk about any medical problems that your family members may have suffered from, as some may have a genetic component and a potential to affect your child, as well.

    Doctors check a variety of factors during a sports physical.

    In addition to learning about her and her family’s medical history, your child’s urgent care doctor will check for injuries or diseases that may make it unsafe for her to participate in her sport of choice, and he may recommend additional testing for any concerns that he may have. Finally, the doctor may advise that your child avoid sports, limit her activity level, choose a different sport, take medication, or undergo a specific treatment if there are any health concerns.

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