• Tips for Treating a Sprain

    A sprain occurs when a ligament gets stretched or torn. Most often, sprains affect the ankle. An urgent care doctor can confirm the diagnosis and offer treatment recommendations. Sprains often heal with the RICE method. You’ll learn more about the RICE approach when you watch this featured video.

    This athletic trainer explains that rest, ice therapy, compression, and elevation are the most common treatment recommendations for sprains. Wrap the ice pack in a thin towel and apply it for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. Avoid athletic activities while the injury heals. To reduce the swelling, keep the injured body part elevated above the level of your heart.

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  • Is It a Fracture or a Sprain?

    Sprains are injuries of the ligaments, whereas fractures are breaks in the bone. Unless you see signs of obvious disfigurement, which indicates a fracture, it isn’t possible to definitively determine whether you have a sprain or a fracture. Go to a walk-in clinic for an accurate diagnosis, which might require an X-ray. In the meantime, keep weight off the affected area and apply an ice pack for pain relief.

    Watch this video to hear more about the differences between sprains and fractures. This healthcare provider explains how fractures can cause further damage if they aren’t treated. She also explains some of the more serious symptoms to watch out for, such as numbness and tingling.

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  • Get the Facts on Sprains and Strains

    Sprains and strains are two of the most common injuries treated at urgent care centers and walk-in clinics. They can be caused by many different things, and can often be prevented by taking special care when performing certain physical activities. Here are some basic facts on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of sprains and strains.

    Causes of Sprains and Strains

    A sprain can be caused by any action that results in a twisting or pulling motion in a joint. When a joint is pulled out of its normal position, the ligaments around the joint may stretch and tear. Strains are caused by a twisted or pulled muscle or tendon. They can develop suddenly, or over the course of days or weeks. A sudden strain can result from a recent injury, lifting heavy objects the wrong way, or overstressing the muscles.

    Common Symptoms of Sprains and Strains

    The most common symptoms of a sprain are pain, swelling, tenderness, and an inability to use the injured joint. A strained muscle or tendon can cause pain, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, inflammation, cramping, and difficulty moving the affected area. Both injuries can range from mild to severe, and symptoms may be heightened or lessened depending upon the severity of the injury.

    How Sprains and Strains Are Typically Treated

    The treatment of sprains and strains depends upon the severity of the injury. A doctor at an urgent care center or emergency care center may first recommend that you rest the affected area, apply ice, elevate the affected limb, and take anti-inflammatory pain medication. If the sprain or strain is severe or is not remedied by at-home care, you may require surgery.

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