• Can Aloe Vera Really Heal Sunburns?

    If you’re like most people, when you get a sunburn, you reach for the aloe vera. Many people use aloe to treat sunburns at home when the burns are not severe enough to require urgent care, but does aloe really work?

    Watch this video to learn about the healing properties of aloe. Despite the popularity of aloe as a burn treatment, there is very little research into how it works. The research that does exist suggests that aloe protects against infection and reduces inflammation.

    If aloe isn’t doing the trick for your burn care needs, you may need to visit an urgent care center for more aggressive treatment. Serving all of Orlando, Lake, Polk, Sumter, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. Please visit our website for a location near you ParamountUrgentCare.com or call (352) 674-9218.

  • When Should You See a Doctor for a Sunburn?

    Sun protection is crucial throughout the year. Even just one major sunburn injury can increase your lifetime risk of developing skin cancer. But most cases of sunburn don’t require acute care at a walk-in clinic. If your skin is only mildly burned, you can apply a cool compress, drink extra fluids, and apply aloe vera gel for symptom relief.

    You do need urgent care for sunburn if it doesn’t get better in two days, or your symptoms worsen. You should also see a doctor for professional sunburn care if you develop blisters over a large area of your body, or if you experience a fever, severe pain, headache, confusion, nausea, or chills. It’s possible to develop an infection from sunburn, particularly if you scratch the blisters and break the skin. Seek urgent care if you have worsening swelling, blisters with pus, or red streaks emanating from the blister.

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  • What Are the Signs of a Dangerous Sunburn?

    Most people experience sunburns now and again, and while they may be painful, they are usually not dangerous. Some sunburns, however, require urgent care and could signal long-term damage. How can you tell the difference? Watch this video to find out.

    Blistering is the sign of a serious sunburn. In the short term, urgent care could be necessary to control pain and prevent infections as the skin heals. In the long-term, blistering sunburns are associated with an increased risk of skin cancer, so be sure your doctor knows your history of bad burns.

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