• The Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

    Physical exams and health screenings are cornerstones of preventive medicine, but many people neglect to get them. Increasingly, employers are implementing workplace wellness programs with the help of walk-in clinics that offer corporate medicine services. These programs offer significant benefits for employees and the entire company, as you can see when you watch this video.

    It features a case study of a large corporation that boasts a high rate of employee participation in their wellness program. The company has found that employees call in sick less often, a significant percentage of smokers have quit, and many people have reached a healthier weight. Plus, the wellness program is credited with building strong employee morale.

    If you have concerns about wellness management for your employees, call Paramount Urgent Care at (407) 226-1906. Our walk-in clinics in Orlando, Oviedo, Lady Lake and Clermont offer a broad spectrum of corporate medicine services, including wellness management, health screenings, and smoking cessation counseling.