• How Is Zika Virus Diagnosed?

    Now that Zika virus has been detected in some Floridians, it’s important for couples to stay vigilant if they are expecting or are planning to have a baby. A walk-in clinic can perform Zika tests for patients who have reason to believe they might have been exposed to the virus. Zika is normally detected through blood or urine tests.

    To determine if you should be tested for Zika, the urgent care doctor will ask if you’ve traveled to or live in an area in which Zika has been reported. If you’ve had sex with a person who might have been exposed to Zika, you may need to be tested as well. These recommendations apply to women who are pregnant or might be pregnant, even if they aren’t currently displaying symptoms.

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  • Get the Facts About Zika

    Zika is a virus spread by mosquitoes and sexual contact with an infected person. Although it doesn’t cause symptoms in some people, it has been linked to a serious birth defect called microcephaly as well as Guillain-Barre syndrome. A recent outbreak that was initially confined to the Caribbean and South America has now spread to portions of Miami-Dade County. Paramount Urgent Care offers fast and easy Zika testing for people who are at risk. Here is what you need to know about the virus, the symptoms, and how you can protect yourself.

    What is Zika?

    Although the Zika virus has only recently come to the attention of the public in the U.S., it was first discovered in 1947. Outbreaks of the virus, which is carried by the same kind of mosquitoes that carry yellow fever and dengue fever, were confined to Africa until 2007, when it started appearing in the South Pacific. In recent years, it has become a global health concern. The virus is riskiest to pregnant women and their babies as it can cause microcephaly, a condition that causes brain damage and underdeveloped heads. Although most cases are spread by mosquitoes, evidence of sexual transmission also exists.

    What are the symptoms?

    Most people who get Zika don’t have any symptoms and never know that they have had the virus. About one in five people will experience signs of Zika, including rash, joint pain, fever, and conjunctivitis. Rarely, Zika can lead to Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can cause temporary paralysis.

    Can Zika be prevented?

    Avoiding travel to affected areas is the best way to completely avoid Zika. You can also reduce your risk of infection by being vigilant about avoiding mosquito bites. Stay away from standing water and make sure there are screens on your doors and windows. Wear mosquito repellent that contains DEET when you are outdoors. If you have traveled to an affected area, avoid mosquito bites when you return home to reduce the risk of introducing Zika to your area.

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